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B B Eye Foundation

VIP Shree Tower 2 RAA 36 Raghunathpur
Near Big Bazaar, VIP Road
Kolkata - 700059, West Bengal
Phone: 033 2570 0097, 8420 211 222


"I never had a chance to thank you properly for the huge huge favor that you had done to me. Though mere words will belittle the effect that you had on me but maybe this time around I will take the oppurtunity to express a few words of gratitude.

You helped me at a time when the world was slowly becoming dark for me. I was going to lose half of my vision. I was one of the difficult patients for you I am sure. Talkative and nervous as I was your surgery helped me regain my vision. Thank you Sir for bearing with my tantrums and endless questions during the surgical procedure and lending me a helping hand whenever I wanted your guidance"

Subhrajit Sarkar

PGP16 batch

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

I was using glasses in both eyes with -9.00 power for 10 years and facing severe trouble in day to day work . On 30-08-2011 I got Lasik treatment by Dr Sagar Bhargava. This has changed my life . It is a great experience for me . Now I can do my work without glasses . I am highly thankful to Dr Bhargava for giving me such beautiful life.

Sayari Chakraborty



I underwent a phekoemulsification surgery with you on 16/08/2014 in B B EYE

FOUNDATION,Kolkata.While the surgery was going on I could not feel even a slight of pain and even after the surgery still now there is no problem in my eyes.I am very much OK now.You are also credited of bringing my Glaucomic eye(right eye) in stable condition.I have been under your treatment since 2006.I am very much pleased and proud of being associated with you



With due regards , i have to state that my mother Mrs. Durga Gupta has got excellent vision by your graceful hands we shall always remain thankful to you for your cataract surgery

thanks & regards

D Gupta

Suffering from high myopia (-6.75D) for last 5 years was a point of concern for me. It never feels good to be out depending wholly on your specs. Spectacles had almost become a part of my body. I felt miserable when I had to sacrifice cricket and football because of my eye power. Even during dance practice you need to divert some of your attention in holding your glasses intact. Worst was the case for me when I was dancing on the stage. Nobody likes to see a performer with a high power specs instead of cool goggles. With time I had to silently sacrifice so many of your likings because of my high eye power.

The best thing in the whole process of undergoing lasik was the man who made it look so simple at the end, Dr. Sagar Bhargava. It was his confidence and professionalism that instilled in me a sense of relief that I was in the safe hands. A nice gentleman and a kind hearted person, he explained pros and cons of the surgery quite lucidly. It was only because of his assurance that I could convince my parents to go for LASIK under his supervision.

I would like to take this opportunity here to thank Dr. Sagar Bhargava for giving me a whole new world now to live and enjoy


'Dr. Sagar is an excellent surgeon with a gentle personality. He operated me about 5 years ago at a critical medical situation. I will recommend Dr.Sagar for his knowledge , humane personality and an expert surgeon.'

Mr Amit Gupta


My tribute to Dr. Sagar Bhargava who has given a new hope to me and to my family by doing a successful phaco in my left eye. No doubt, phaco is a simple surgery now a days but it is definitely challenging in a patient like me whose right eye has been disturbed by previous surgery. This needs a kind, sincere and honest hand which was provided by Dr. Sagar. I am really grateful to him. Just I wish him to be the greatest one in the field of Ophthalmology.

DR Pradip Chandra Kar


I have been a patient of Dr. Sagar Bhargava for over two years, and in the course of the last two years, I have had cataract surgery in both my eyes. From the initial check-up and diagnosis, to the surgery and follow-up check-up, Dr. Bhargava has tended to me with utmost care and professionalism. He has a calm and caring persona and I was touched by the respect with which he treats his patients and their families. He has responded very promptly via email to long distance communications from my daughter, addressing all her concerns. The soothing music playing in the background made the post-operative experience at BB Eye Foundation very pleasant. Overall, I have been very impressed by Dr. Bhargava’s professional expertise and his personal disposition, and have been recommending him to whoever needs ophthalmological advice or treatment.

Mrs. Jharna Chakrabarti

hello,'LASIK' for me is like getting a new life.I had -14 power on both eyes & I am suffering from when I was 2 years old.I have faced many problems due to my heavy glasses.In heavy heat it used to feel itching.It sometimes effected on my studies & my extra curricular activities.I always carried extra glasses. I never took off my glasses for a moment & I was none with out spectacles. But due to LASIK I get a new life.I never thought that I can see without glass. But it possible because of LASIK. Now I study,use computer & every work without glasses. Its really an amazing painless procedure. It has changed my life.I am going to full credit for my life changing procedure to Dr. SAGAR BHARGAVA. His motivatory,influential words gives me encourage & delight that I can see without glasses & it really happens.I have never seen a good combination of humble,down-to-earth,friend like person with intelligent.Only for him my life has changed. So, I have no word to pay him gratitude.Thank you is very small.He is the institution,he is the living God of my life. Thank You.

Karandasi Mallick

I had my LASIK surgery done on 1st May 2014, and I am very impressed with the results. Words can’t describe the freedom and flexibility I have with my new vision after 30 years of wearing contacts and glasses. It's a wonderful feeling to be able wake up in the morning without having to look for my glasses or worry about whether my eyes will be dry and tired from wearing my contacts all day. Thanks, Dr. Bhargava, for greatly improving my quality of life. I would recommend BB Eye Foundation to anyone interested in doing LASIK

Mousumi Saha


National English School



Before Lasik I was totally dependent on glasses and contact lens . After my lasik surgery by Dr Sagar Bhargava I can see everything with need of glasses and contact lens . I am highly satisfied with the surgery and feel my life has totally transformed . I am highly thankful to  Dr Sagar Bhargava for this.

Sk Saidur Rahaman




I had my Lasik done recently from Dr. Sagar Bhargava with a power of around -4.5. What immediately stands out about him is his good nature.

He is extremely soft spoken and despite being extremely busy he explained to me the entire process and answered very many queries that

I had. I had been deliberating over whether to get lasik done or not for around one year and I was pretty skeptical too. But after interacting with Dr. Bhargava, I was at ease that I am in good hands. Even during the procedure, he continuously told me what he was doing and what I could expect. Post the procedure I had no pain at all thanks to him! Generally when a doctor makes you comfortable about a surgery, its half the battle won. Rest lies on the expertise which Dr. Bhargava definitely has. Thank you Sir!

Ruchika Agrawal


LASIK is a namesake surgery. The very reason why I say so is that you don’t even feel the slightest of pain or discomfort during or after the entire procedure. The experience is as good as staring at a ray of light for a few seconds.You take a deep breath and the procedure is done for one eye. The second eye also takes an equally short time and can be done immediately after the first. Considering it to be an operation, LASIK is shorter than you can ever imagine. You have an absolute normal vision, immediately after the procedure and within 24 hours you can resume your normal reading/writing activities. The only drawback of the entire procedure is that you cannot take a head bath for 2 weeks. At times, you might have little difficulty in night vision, i.e lights may appear a bit glary. However, that normalizes within a matter of few days. It’s been 3 months since the procedure and I have perfect 6/5 vision with no requirement of any corrective lens. Neither do I have any eye irritation or problem of dry eyes. The only restriction recommended to me by my Surgeon, Dr. Sagar Bharghava is to not to go out without wearing sunglasses during the daytime. One just needs to be a little careful with his/her precious eyes after the entire thing, that’s it.

If one asks me whether he/she should go for LASIK. It’s a straight ‘YES’ from my end. There couldn’t have been a more reliable, safe, painless and economical opportunity to get rid of your eye crutches.

Abhirup Pan


Ranchi, Jharkhand,
Dated the 22nd December’ 2016.

Respected Dr Sagar Bhargava,
Founder Member of BB Eye Foundation,
VIP Road, Kolkata-700 059.

Sub: Few words of appreciations/feed back


I feel proud to write something on your efficient medical services treating to me as on 12th Dec. 2015 and 10th Dec.2016 where I underwent Left Eye Phacoemulsification +IOL(F) AND Right Eye -Phacoemulsification+IOL(F) Iris Hooks used under TA respectively.

During the surgery period, I never felt any fear of unpleasant events only due to his positive attitudes, confidence and experiences with qualification. He is honored with soft spoken personality and happy mood.

I would like to express my feelings and happiness with gratitude on his behavior with the patient is highly based on humanity and very considerate to the financial conditions which are rare in other Clinic/Hospitals, on the other hand he did not compromise with the quality of standards.

With profound regards, I wish him every success of his career and prosperity in his life.

Yours sincerely;

Shambhu Paswan,
Ex Chief Engineer (E&M), Coal India

Respected Doctor,

I would like to express my heartiest thanks for your help and support extended to us while treating my father. The below testimonial is what I have experienced and learnt from the meetings we had Sir:

It has truly been an educative journey with you Doctor, where one may learn so much and apply the same in his/her own life irrespective of their professions.

So many “How-to”s to learn from your acquaintance:

1. How to keep your cool even when you are experiencing an extremely stressful day at your office.
2. How to make your patients feel instantly at home with a hearty smile from the moment they enter your chamber.
3. How to instill utmost strength and confidence in patients with a weaker heart, that too almost unknowingly through normal conversations.
4. How to remain down-to-earth and keep your feet firmly grounded even when you are at the peak of your success.

Now, regarding your professional expertise, I am nobody to comment on. Only thing I could do is to borrow a quote from Hans Bethe, the famous German theoretical physicist who once said this to explain the genius of one of his assistants, Richard P. Feynman.

Readers of this post have to just replace “Feynman” with “Dr. Sagar Bhargava”and here I quote:

“There are two types of genius. Ordinary geniuses do great things, but they leave you room to believe that you could do the same if only you worked hard enough. Then there are magicians, and you can have no idea how they do it. Feynman is a magician.”

Take a bow Doctor.

Jhilam Roy

Dr. Bhargava is excellent in one word. Always welcoming patients with a warm smile and listens to patient with patience. Once you meet Dr. Bhargava, I am sure nobody would go anywhere else for any eye related problem.

Thank God to get me introduced to such a doctor.

Thanks Dr. Bhargava.

Sujoy Paul

I would like to say Dr. Sagar Bhargava is a person I will never ever forget. I am his patient & i have never met such a doctor who is extremely talented & well behaved & a kind hearted man as well..he instantly makes his patient feel comfortable & relaxed..He is next to God for me..I always use to ask a lot of questions from him but he always answers me with a smile..Hats off to u sir. I trust him so much & we all r blessed to have a doctor like him.

Sanmeet Kaur  ( underwent ICL)

Build Reputation. Measure Satisfaction.

Dr. Sagar Bhargava

VIP Shree Tower 2 RAA 36 Raghunathpur Near Big Bazaar, VIP Road 700059 Kolkata, West Bengal
Phone: 9874176663

Dr. Sagar Bhargava

VIP Shree Tower 2 RAA 36 Raghunathpur Near Big Bazaar, VIP Road 700059 Kolkata, West Bengal
Phone: 9874176663